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2016 Photo Collective

During 2016 we are going to post photos of each species successfully photographed in either Merced or Stanislaus Counties. We are encouraging all birders afflicted with the photography bug to submit your photos to be added to the albums for Stanislaus County and/or Merced County. We will maintain only one photo per species observed, replacing previous photos of a species if someone submits a better composed, focused or better habitat sample. We prefer photos which present the intended bird as the obvious species, preferably in a natural setting. If you prefer to submit a video, we will add an additional album for that. Please let me know if you would like to add to our 2016 album. I will provide you with submission details. Jim Gain - jimgain@sbcglobal.net

Terms of Participation
By submitting an image to this event you are certifying that you are the copyright owner of the image or video. All images posted on the Stanislaus Audubon Flickr site will be posted with a Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons license unless otherwise specified.