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Feeding Birds

Types of FeedBirds Attracted
Black-oil Sunflower Seedsparrows, juncos, goldfinches, titmice, nuthatches
Niger or Thistle Seedfinches, pine siskins, doves
Shelled Sunflower Seedswoodpeckers, siskins, goldfinches
Cracked Cornground-feeding sparrows, towhees, juncos & doves
Suetwoodpeckers, titmice, sapsuckers, creepers, orioles
Fruitswoodpeckers, orioles, finches, mockingbirds
Sugar Water (4/1 ratio)hummingbirds, orioles, warblers


Water is an important element for birds in your backyard. One solution is to provide a simple birdbath you can purchase at your local nursery or hardware store. But if you really want to attract birds, running or dripping water always works. There are simple pumps or misters you can install in your birdbath. These can also be purchased at local nurseries or hardware stores. Misters can also be used alone. Hummingbirds love to fly through a fine mist, but the larger birds prefer the birdbaths. If you choose to use a birdbath, you will need to clean and refresh the water about every three days (depending on weather conditions). If you want to go all out, building a small pond with shallow areas and a waterfall or mister will work great.

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