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Bio Gayle Copland

1. Hooked on birding: 
Please describe:

a. How you became interested in bird watching. Needed motivation to get more exercise

b. What you did to increase your bird identification skills. Participated in Audubon field with more experienced birders

c. Why you continue to enjoy bird watching. It makes outdoor exercise more pleasurable, provides healthy social interaction, and provides reason for travel to different locales.

2. Field of Dreams:

a. Share one of your memorable birding experiences in Stanislaus or Merced County. First field trip in Eastern section of Stan Co. during winter was one of the most exciting because there were so many different raptors to I.D. that I'd never have been able to do by myself.

b. Identify a birding location in Stanislaus or Merced County that you enjoy going to and explain why you like to bird there.

Same as above

c. Identify a birding spot outside of Stanislaus or Merced County that you enjoy going to and explain why you like to bird there. I enjoy Kennedy Meadows via Sonora Pass for the beautiful scenery and chances of spotting Dippers, Common Night Hawks, and summer resident of the higher elevations that are leass likelyto be spotted as they pass through the valley.

3. A Few of My Favorite Things:

a. Pick 2 or 3 Stanislaus or Merced County bird species and explain why you look forward to seeing them. Still need many warblers

b. What bird species that you have not already seen in Stanislaus or Merced County would you would like to find next?

c. What is your favorite bird field guide that you take with you in the field (or have in your car)?

d. What kind of equipment (binoculars, telescopes, cameras, etc.) do you take along with you while birding? 

4. Dear Abby:

a. What advice would you give to a new bird watcher?

b. What suggestions would you give to a parent to help them encourage their children to become bird watchers?