Birdability Survey Information


A location’s “birdability” is a brief description of the physical conditions that make the site accessible and welcoming for birders with mobility, cognitive, or sensory challenges. This description is not intended to imply that the site completely fulfills A.D.A. Compliance. Rather, it is intended as a snapshot of the conditions that are most inclusive for birders with such challenges.

The upcoming 3rd edition of the Birding Guide to Stanislaus and Merced Counties is going to include a section for each location that indicates the birdability features that will be encountered there.

We are asking volunteers to go out and rate each birding location in Merced County and Stanislaus County

You may want to download and print the Birdability Survey and complete a hard copy to fill out while in the field. You can then return to the website form below and complete it. It is in the exact same order as the hard copy and can be completed very quickly.

Link to Birdability Survey hardcopy (pdf)