Big Year 2018 - Stanislaus County

he Stanislaus Audubon Society is once again promoting a Big Year birding event for 2018. We will post on this page the first sighting for each bird species observed in Stanislaus County based upon eBird posts only. Also, whenever possible we will also post a photograph for each species. To visit the eBird list of first sightings for the year, follow THIS LINK and click on the First Seen button. In the table below we will post the first sighting of each species (per accepted eBird reports) and a photograph if available.

Are you a Cuckoo or a Goldfinch?

For those birders that want to participate in a more formal fashion, we can add your name to the table below and you can let us know when to add an X in the appropriate column as the year progresses. To join this event please send an email to jimgain<AT>


  • Yellow-billed Cuckoo - over 250 species
  • Least Bittern - over 225 species observed
  • Northern Pygmy-Owl - over 200 species observed
  • Merlin - over 175 species
  • Downy Woodpecker - over 150 species
  • Snowy Egret - over 125 species
  • American Goldfinch - over 100 species


Big Year 2018 Photo Album

Big Year 2018 Photo Album 4sec.mp4