San Joaquin Valley Bird Photographers Group

San Joaquin Valley Bird Photographers is a new wild bird photography group sponsored by the Stanislaus Audubon Society. The goals are to enjoy, share, educate, and discuss everything related to the birds, habitats, biology, ecology, ID, as well as gear, ethics, and conservation matters. Be good, kind, and thoughtful about the welfare of the birds, habitats, and each other. The "San Joaquin Valley", includes the flat lands and low foothills from Kern County in the south to the San Joaquin Delta in San Joaquin County in the north. Locations such as Pacheco Pass State Park and Del Puerto Canyon above mile 5 would pretty much not be considered valley.

The primary resource used for this group is Flickr. The San Joaquin Valley Bird Photographers Flickr Group, joined by invitation, is a place to share and discuss photos from the San Joaquin Valley Area. An active Flickr account is needed to join a Flickr group. If you don't already have a Flickr account, sign up for one for free at Once you have an account, send an email to and request to be added to the group.

FLICKR Group Rules


When posting to the group, please include the NAME OF THE BIRD, LOCATION, and DATE (if not already included in the photo's meta data) with EACH PHOTO. If you do not know the ID of the bird, please state that you are asking for help. If it is a sensitive species that you don't want to give a specific location for (e.g., threatened species like Burrowing owl) just giving a very general location like "Merced County" is fine.


Always ask the original poster for permission to share their post before doing so.


We encourage everyone to be kind and respectful at all times. No "fowl" language, religious, or political comments of any kind. Also no memes or cartoons.


We discourage posting pictures of Burrowing Owls and will be deleting those taken in high-traffic areas. Ditto Bald Eagles and other highly sensitive species.