As of December of 2018, there are 323 accepted records of bird species that meet the California Bird Records Committee list of CA State Birds.

This list includes native and non-native CBRC-accepted species. This list does not accept species such as Mute Swan, Muscovy Duck and Nutmeg Manniqin which may be found in this area. The counting of acceptable species in the county is complicated by eBirds inclusion of these species in the county checklists for each county.

How Does an Introduced Species (like Mute Swan) Get Added to the CA State List?

Per the CBRC bylaws:

The Committee will also review records of breeding populations of introduced species not on the state list, but only if evidence is submitted that attempts to prove (a) the correct identification of the species and (b) the viability of the population. To be judged viable, a population must: (i) have bred in the state for fifteen (15) consecutive years, (ii) in general, be increasing or stabilized after an initial period of increase, (iii) be judged to have occupied all geographically contiguous suitable habitat to such a degree as to sustain the population and be thought unlikely to significantly diminish, and (iv) occupy an environment judged similar enough in ecological factors (e.g., climate, vegetation, food, shelter, competitors, predators) to the species’ natural habitat, or to other successful introductions, that permanent establishment seems likely.