DIRECTIONS: This county reservoir park is on 18142 Reservoir Road. From downtown Modesto, take G Street. Enter the next roundabout and take the second exit onto La Loma Avenue. Make a slight left onto Yosemite Blvd / CA-132 and go east (through Waterford) for 16 miles. Turn left on Reservoir Road and go for 1.8 miles to the park entrance. There are two roads that go around the reservoir, West Shore and South Shore. Facilities include campsites, picnic shelter and tables, showers, and restrooms. There is a fee for entering this park.

YEAR-ROUND BIRDS: Modesto Reservoir has the same habitat as that of Woodward Reservoir, so it hosts the same year-round residents. Consult the complete listing of birds in that chapter. (NOTE: At this reservoir, Burrowing Owl may be seen in ground squirrel burrows along the West Shore Road.)

SUMMER: Some typical birds of the region may be found at Modesto Reservoir in the summer, including Western Kingbird and Bullock’s Oriole. Caspian and Forster’s Tern may be seen during migration or summer.

MIGRATION: Most of the wintering water birds and shorebirds may also be seen during migration.

WINTER: This season is the best time to see a variety of water and open country birds. Since this habitat is essentially the same as that of Woodward Reservoir, you may consult that chapter for a complete listing of birds that may be found here as well.

RARE AND UNCOMMON BIRDS: Tundra Swan and Horned Grebe have been found here.

(NOTE: Woodward and Modesto Reservoirs are on the northern and southern portions of eastern Stanislaus County, but they are not so far apart that they couldn’t be birded on the same day. Since they are both fee areas, visiting both might be an efficient and productive way to go.)