Wildlife & Conservation Blogs

No One Will Protect What They Don’t Care About;
And No One Will Care About What They Have Never Experienced

Sir David Attenborough

Curiosity leads to inquiry,
Inquiry leads to visitation
Visitation leads to caring
Caring leads to Conservation

Wildlife and nature conservation blogs provide an outlet for the curious to learn about and explore the wild areas of Planet Earth as shared through the personal experiences provided by our local Audubon Chapter Bloggers. Kate on Conservation emphasizes that the sharing of these stories of wildlife and nature is a vital part of inviting those outside of the conservation world to experience the moments of wonder and inspiration that continue to move us to protect it.

Stanislaus Audubon Member Nature & Conservation-themed Bloggers

Featured below are Stanislaus Audubon members with active Blog Sites. The bloggers featured below have a minimum of 10 posts and have actively posted within the past 3 months. The bloggers information and posts are not official posts by the Stanislaus Audubon Society and are included only for your enlightenment and entertainment.

Geotripper by Garry Hayes

I am a teacher of geology at Modesto Junior College and former president of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, Far Western Section. I have led field trips all over the western United States, and a few excursions overseas, but my homebase is the Sierra Nevada, the Great Valley, and the Coast Ranges of California.

Natural History Journal by Siera Nystrom

Named after the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I am a naturalist based in Central California. First and foremost, I am a follower of Jesus Christ and in love with our awesome Creator God: His amazing creation is an unending source of awe and inspiration, and I hope to inspire others to appreciate, respect and protect the beautiful earth we share. I invite you to come along with me as I explore the nature of California and beyond!

Through my lens and prose I hope to instill a greater sense of awe, compassion and inspiration as I discover new creatures, explore interesting habitats, and gain wisdom about the natural world that’s all around us. It is my hope that readers are motivated to learn more about our environment and its inhabitants, and become passionate advocates for conservation.