The Stanislaus Audubon Society promotes the enjoyment, understanding, and protection of birds and other wildlife by engaging people of all ages in birding, education, and conservation. For more information please visit the Chapter Information Page.

To accomplish this mission we will...

  • Promote scientifically sound conservation strategies for the protection of native ecosystems and demonstrate the value of conservation to the community.

  • Educate our community about the benefits of preserving and enjoying nature, focusing on youth education programs, public outreach, and field trips.

  • Support research into maintaining, restoring, and understanding native ecosystems, particularly those of birds.

  • Collaborate with the National Audubon Society, Audubon-California, Audubon Chapters, and other organizations to accomplish our common goals.

Modesto Water Treatment Facility New Access - EVERY SUNDAY

The Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Modesto is once again open for bird watching by appointment only. We are making our plant accessible to the public on Sundays for bird watching. Please see the details on the Modesto Wastewater Treatment Facility page.

UPCOMING FIELD TRIP: Dry Creek Trail, Modesto

When: 7:00am, June 27, 2021

Trip Leader: Ralph Baker

We will meet in the parking lot of East La Loma Park, 2001 Edgebrook Dr, Modesto, CA 95354. We will walk west to Kewin Park (1.3 miles) and back and see what we can find. Participants should bring masks, water, snacks (or lunch) and insect repellent. This walk will likely conclude before noon, but if any participants want to stay, they could probably convince the trip leader to stay as well.

Please see the Field Trips Page for up-to-date details about the COVID-19 guidelines for field trips.


The Board of Directors is requesting donations from the members of our local Audubon chapter. One targeted need is for the A.J. Grayson Scholarship, given yearly to a promising student in Environmental Sciences at C.S.U. Stanislaus. The last of the $600 scholarships will be awarded in the spring of 2019. We hope to continue this scholarship for the next five years, at a cost of $3,000.

The second targeted need is to cover the printing and postage costs of The Valley Habitat. Even though membership dues to National Audubon can cover part of those costs, we are still mailing 400+ printed copies every two months, at an expense of approximately $2,500 per year. We also pay stipends for program presenters, and we have other outgoing costs as well.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, please send a check to Stanislaus Audubon Society, P.O. Box 4012, Modesto, CA 95352. You will receive a receipt of acknowledgment.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the current COVID-19 crisis, access is still allowed as long as visitors are masked and practice social distancing.

The Modesto Ponds are open to birders only on the second Saturday of every month. You must make an appointment at least 5 days in advance by calling Sarah Redfern (209) 342-4501 or (preferably) by emailing her at AND Ben Koehler at

Open Dates for the remainder of 2021:

  • 7/10 (notify by 7/5)

  • 8/14 (notify by 8/9)

  • 9/11 (notify by 9/6)

  • 10/9 (notify by 10/4)

  • 11/13 (notify by 11/8)

  • 12/11 (notify by 12/6)

Upon receiving permission, you will meet the operator at the gate at 8:00 a.m. You will then fill out the Liability Release Form when you sign in, and then pick up a map which clearly identifies the areas open to the public. Speed limit is 25 mph. Do not cross any bridge with a vehicle. The hours of birding are 8:00 -3:00 p.m. The location of the facility is 7007 Jennings Road. The operator phone on Saturday is 209-652-8662.


On July 12, 2016, Stanislaus Audubon Society donated "Birds of the Pacific Slope" to the Vasche Library at California State University, Stanislaus. The two-volume set of Andrew Jackson Grayson's work, consisting of his biography, field notes, and 156 watercolor prints, is housed in Special Collections. Members of the public can view these volumes by calling Special Collections (209-664-6538) or Circulation Coordinator (209-664-6561) and making an appointment to see them.

You can read the tragic saga of this "Audubon of the West" by going to "Sal's Articles" link under CHAPTER INFO.

Bird Photo of the Week

American Avocet at the San Joaquin River NWR by Jim Gain

Most Recent Zoom Program

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Stanislaus Audubon Society has started a Facebook page for Stanislaus and Merced County birders to share comments and photos on birds and birding.


$20 per year

*Use forms from National Audubon Society

*Call N.A.S. at 1-844-428-3826

* Renew at

S.A.S. chapter code is C36. The expiration date of your membership is located on the mailing label of Valley Habitat.


The first official charter of the National Audubon Society in the San Joaquin Valley, the San Joaquin Audubon Society, included Merced, Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties. In 1973, the Audubon members living in Merced and Stanislaus counties decided to pursue the formation of their own unique chapter. On August 1, 1976, National Audubon awarded Stanislaus Audubon Society a full charter which to this day includes members in both Merced and Stanislaus counties.

The first governing board consisted of:

  • President: John Geisler

  • Jim Foster

  • Berna Philbin

  • Paul Philbin

  • Ken Smith